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Andy Martlew

I've been to see Jake a number of times. He's always professional and knowledgeable. He's helped me with a few injuries. Highly recommended.

Chris Quin

I have had several appointments with Jake and have felt a massive difference in how I feel. As a competitive cyclist I was struggling with pain and severe lack of flexibility. Through Jake’s treatment and advice I feel so much stronger and in less pain as a result. It’s not just Jake’s treatment, he really explores your issues with you and works hard to find personalised solutions.

Damh Geal

I’ve been using Jake for sometime now and his work is excellent, I had developed a knee injury from working long hours on my legs and have bad varicose vein’s and poor drainage problem on the other, so there was lots going on, with Jake’s help and time put in, I’ve gone from not even been able to go on my bike to riding again, and indoor climbing, I had about a 10 day thresh hold on my legs where the pain would start back and swelling etc, but with different techniques and work for jake this has help massively to reduce the problem area, great work, great guy.

Greg Rowe

I've been experiencing fatigue as well as a whole range of post-viral symptoms since having covid. I read about the benefits of sports massage therapy for the immune system as it helps to remove toxins from the lymph nodes (lymphatic drainage).

Jake was available at short notice. He made me feel comfortable and reassured me about the therapy, asking me questions so that he could tailor the therapy to my needs.

I felt some aches after the therapy, as expected. But I also very incredibly relaxed and calm.

Two days after the therapy I found that I had more energy than I had done previously and was less symptomatic. I have recommended Jake to friends and family. I now have sports massage therapy on a regular basis to continue to assist with my recovery but also as a preventative measure for sports related injuries as I like to keep active.

Helen Harrison

I was advised to have sports massage by a physiotherapist because of problems with my knees and shoulders.

I was taking pain killers regularly and was unable to sleep because of the pain.

I had 3 appointments with Jake and I am now virtually pain free.

I cannot recommend Jake highly enough. Not just for young, fit sportspersons but for older people like myself.

Richard Stoodley

I tried Jake at a recent Hill Climb both before and after the event. This was a pop up stall. Jake is professional, friendly and was very quick to recognise some issues I knew about and some I didnt. I need to spend more time with Jake as this was just 2 x 15 minute sessions working just on my legs , but I am convinced more effort in other areas will help me especially trying to maintain my fitness, mobility and trying to avoid injuries now im in my 60s. Recommended.

Sarah Percival

I’m in training for a marathon and started with knee pain. Jake worked with his magic and a week on I’m back on it. Honestly I can’t thank him enough. Jake not only uses massage but exercises to help you. He is far better than going to a physio.

Stephen Bradbury

I had been experiencing severe posture and respiratory problems. I was recommended to Jake, and I have been seeing him weekly for 6 weeks now and the changes I have seen in my posture have been incredible. I now stand straighter, have a hugely increased range of movement and flexibility resulting in an instant zone2 power increase.
I would recommend seeing Jake. He is very thorough and has good knowledge.

Steve Wood

I approached Jake as a cyclist first, hoping he would understand my needs as a competitive cyclist and having my seasons "A" race in the coming week.
From assessment to treatment I feel Jake has been thorough, professional yet very personable.
Jake recognised key areas I have struggled with and introduced me to new areas I need to take better care of in future.
Safe to say I have booked in for a follow up treatment and will continue to do so.

Thanks Jake

Stuart Game

What a positive effect Jake has had on my performance as an mountain bike racer, I always attend Jakes studio broken and come out feeling great, and ready to race again...Jake will make you feel comfortable from start to finish with Amazing experience and professionalism I would highly recommend Jake to everyone A++

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